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Fastener products from Zhejiang manufacturing to Zhejiang creation

Editor:HAIYAN GETE HARDWARE CO.,LTD │ Release Time:2019-06-20 

Fastener products are one of the first products to enter the market economy. In the mid-1980s, private enterprises in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Jinhua and other places continued to emerge. By the mid-1990s, due to restructuring, private fastener enterprises had basically replaced township and village enterprises. Initially, a considerable part of these small-scale private enterprises were "three one" enterprises with only one house, one old lathe, and one lathe. Some state-owned enterprises process some common standard parts, and some business owners cannot understand even the more complicated drawings, and the technical level is relatively low, so they cannot design at all. Over time, a number of private fastener companies have completed their initial accumulation.They have begun to expand the size of the company and increase their investment in hardware and technology.They no longer meet the requirements of processing ordinary standard parts for other companies. I want to have my own product. As a result, some private business owners no longer engage in "go it alone" and start building new factories, buying new equipment, and recruiting new workers. In order to solve the problem of insufficient technical strength of enterprises, they were generally reluctant to visit In the case of private enterprises working, they beckoned to the engineering and technical personnel of some state-owned enterprises, and hired some "Sunday engineers" to serve as technical consultants in their own enterprises to provide technical assistance. These "Sunday engineers" will "spit out" the technology in their minds to the private enterprises that apply for it, and receive a little extra compensation from it. As for the products "developed" by private enterprises, most of them are imitations of their state-owned enterprises.

By 2004, private fastener enterprises in Zhejiang had developed rapidly, and not only the number of enterprises but also the total output value accounted for half of the country's fastener economy. It is also among the best in the country.The establishment of local fastener associations has significantly improved the strength of many private fastener enterprises. The scale of factories has become larger and larger, the technology and equipment are more and more new, the products are more and more, and the benefits are getting more and more. The better, some engineers in state-owned enterprises have also worked in private enterprises, and university graduates have also made private enterprises a good place to get employment. At the same time, the world manufacturing center is shifting in China. The world needs Chinese fasteners, and China also needs a large market for world manufacturing.

During the transition period after China's accession to the WTO, a group of multinational corporations' fastener companies moved to China. According to statistics, there have been more than 200, and a new round of fierce competition has formed in the Zhejiang fastener industry. In Zhejiang, energy is tight, and there are all elements of water, electricity and land production. While developing the economy, we must establish a scientific outlook on development and make significant progress in energy conservation and environmental protection.

Zhejiang fastener industry is facing not only domestic competition, but also international competition. If the cost cannot be reduced and the quality cannot be improved, it will be difficult to make yourself included in the global procurement track.Because of the car engine bolts (link bolts, cylinder head bolts, flywheel bolts) and tire bolts in current automotive fasteners, Some of the special bolts for power transmission machinery and chassis suspension bolts have not been completely domesticized, so the early realization of 100% provision of a full set of car fasteners is an opportunity for Zhejiang fasteners to move from "made in Zhejiang" to "created in Zhejiang".

Moving from the traditional generic standard product imitation to independent innovation research and development is to "jump out of Zhejiang and develop Zhejiang" and seek new breakthroughs in the fastener industry, especially after the Zhejiang Independent Innovation Conference, in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Hangzhou and other places set off a wave of independent innovation. We believe that in the process of fasteners from "made in Zhejiang" to "created in Zhejiang", hard-working and intelligent Zhejiang people will create new miracles